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About Us

Who We Are: 

We are a family team with northern Haiti origins, more specifically L'Artibonite. Although we are a big family, like many Haitian families, we have thankfully stayed connected as many members live in the U.S., Canada and Haiti. This store is not just for the Haitian people, it serves our family as well. It ensures that we stay connected and stay healthy. 

Why We Started: 

The idea for this store simply came from necessity. When we look at the overall impact of the Haitian emigration in the Americas it's justifiable to say we have a vast footprint. Although the idea was there before 2020, COVID-19 really intensified the necessity. Our ancestors have maintained their health through herbal medicine using indigenous plants. Although some of us have immigrated to other parts of the world, we believe that we all should still have access to and enjoy the benefit of the work of our ancestors. 

What We Do: 

Instead of waiting for your cousin to back from Haiti once a year with what you need, we provide direct access to the top Haitian health and beauty products. We pride ourselves on sustainably sourcing our products and providing them ready for use, pure and unrefined. We look forward to providing more products that will serve your needs.

We are happy you are on this journey with us!


[Proudly Black Owned + Woman Owned]